created April 17, 2010
modified March 17, 2018
verified March 17, 2018

Region 2 News Highlights

Activation Level is at Level 0 - All is Quiet.

Membership Procedures

Please note that Application forms for new members and renewals are now on-line and member-maintained.  Go to the CT ARES Membership webpage for complete instructions.

Joining or renewing has never been so easy!!

* Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) Needed *

Region 2 needs volunteers who are willing to become part of Rapid Response Teams.  These teams will be used to rapidly activate fully equipped Emergency Operation Centers after a disaster is declared.  We are looking for 3 groups of 5 to 7 ARES members to create a Rapid Deployment Team for each of the 3 Areas (West, Central, East) in Region 2.  If you are interested in being on a team, please let me know.  To see the full story on RRTs, open the PDF here.

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